Plumbing is one of the most used and important parts of any commercial building. But it’s often overlooked until problems arise. Many buildings only reactively maintain their plumbing system. When problems do arise they cause undue stress, costly damage and major inconvenience. It’s important to implement a preventative plumbing maintenance plan to avoid major problems, limit unexpected expenditure, and keep everything running smoothly.

A preventative maintenance plan includes services such as roof cleaning, gas appliance servicing, stormwater grate cleaning, backflow prevention, and much more.

Here are five reasons why it’s important to have a plumbing maintenance plan for your building.

1. You’ll save money

A proactive commercial plumbing maintenance program will save you money, reduce untimely emergencies, reduce utility costs, and avoid costly property damage from floods, gas leaks, and burst pipes. We help ensure your plan’s budget is effectively spent in servicing the most important areas.

2. You’ll avoid insurance stress

Well documented building repair and maintenance records will help when negotiating annual building insurance premiums and take the worry out of processing insurance claims when something does go wrong.

3. You’ll gain peace of mind

Rest assured that the property is properly maintained and support comes quickly when needed. Often it is “hidden” infrastructure like valves and pumps that start to fail and go unnoticed. Early detection through regular inspection and replacement of consumables can alleviate equipment failure but can also extend the life of your plumbing infrastructure.

4. Your building will be more sustainable

A reputable plumbing business looks at improvement in water-saving devices, water harvesting, and eco-friendly fixtures to ensure your building has a sustainable footprint and isn’t using unnecessary gas, electricity and water.

5. You’ll meet your regulatory compliance requirements

As a building owner or facility manager you have a duty of care to ensure the safety and security of the building occupants and to ensure the Victorian Building Authority’s codes and standards are kept. The Building Act 1993 and Plumbing Regulations 2018 ensure that plumbing works meet compliances and are completed by a licensed plumber. With a plumbing maintenance plan you can be sure all these regulations are met.

Butler Plumbing Can Help

At Butler Plumbing, we provide a comprehensive tailored maintenance program for your property’s plumbing system. This program is typically spread over a 12 month period and includes the inspection, scheduled servicing, and replacement of consumables. The program takes into account the age of the infrastructure, known building issues, usage of high traffic areas, and the seasons. Learn more about our preventative maintenance service here.

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