Venus Packaging, a leader in delivering innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, faced a nightmare scenario one fateful Monday evening.

Wayne Shearer, our General Manager – operations, received an after-hours distress call alerting him to a major burst pipe in their vacant Abbotsford property awaiting sale. Overwhelmed by concerns about potential damage, water wastage, and the costs involved, Wayne knew immediate action was necessary. He swiftly reached out to Butler Plumbing, the company’s trusted emergency commercial plumber. Understanding the building’s layout and the urgency, Butler Plumbing responded with remarkable speed, ensuring our presence on-site with the requisite equipment in just 15 minutes.

Driving towards the venue, Wayne and the owner Tim realised the enormity of the situation as flood waters started to appear three blocks away from the property. In a twist reminiscent of the ‘wet bandits’ from the iconic Home Alone movie, it appeared that vandals had audaciously stolen the water metre, creating a massive, gushing fountain and some very wet bandits.

Fortunately, Butler Plumbing’s seasoned commercial plumbing repair professionals quickly identified and turned off the sluice valve. With the water metre missing, they adeptly capped off the main point, mitigating further flooding.  Fortunately, with a quick response the building sustained no permanent damage.

 This unforeseen incident not only spotlighted Venus Packaging’s proactive approach in crisis management, led by Wayne, but also showcased Butler Plumbing’s unmatched responsiveness and partnership commitment. In times of chaos, it’s invaluable to have partners who can turn “home alone” calamities into manageable situations. With Butler Plumbing, clients are reassured that they are never truly alone – they’re “There when you need us.”