Drain systems are not something that most Melbourne homeowners are concerned about when it comes to the daily running of their home. After all, out of sight is out of mind. However, should you develop a blocked drain, you’ll regret every day that you didn’t do something keep it from getting clogged. Here are five signs that drain cleaning or maintenance in Fitzroy, Melbourne so that you can avoid a foul-smelling, flooded disaster from occurring.

  1. Water Drains Slowly

One of the most noticeable signs that your blocked sewer & drains in Melbourne need cleaning is if water takes a long time to drain away. In this case, something is blocking the movement of water through the piping systems. Even though the water dissipates eventually, you shouldn’t leave it as one day it will stop draining altogether.

  1. It Smells Bad

Drains don’t smell great, but you won’t notice this unless you place your nose right above one. When repulsive smells start to emanate, it’s likely that there’s a blockage of some kind deep below. The odour is either being caused by gases rising from the sewer or waste sitting in your drains.

  1. One Drain Has Frequent Blockages

Do your drains get blocked often? Perhaps you struggle with one drain that does this while the rest give you no problems. Even if you experience frequent blockages that eventually resolve themselves, you should be aware that a major blockage could be imminent.

  1. Multiple Drains Are Suddenly Blocked

When you have more than one blocked toilet or drain in your home, it points to quite a serious problem. This could be caused by a  blocked sewer, which is so extensive that most of your drains are clogging.

  1. You Hear Gurgling Noises

You shouldn’t hear strange noises coming from your drains. If you hear gurgling or bubbling sounds, it indicates that there’s a blockage in the piping system which is forming pockets of air.

Water should flow through your drain quickly, silently and odorlessly. Anything other than that, and there should be a cause for concern. Avoid an unfortunate situation by having your drains checked regularly. Call Butler Plumbing today for a quote.