Inspect Your Hoses To Costly Flooding and Bills

According to research by General Insurer IAG, Flexible Hoses accounted for more than one in five water damage claims lodged by Australian households.

To prevent flooding and avoid the need to enlist an emergency plumber in Melbourne, make sure you take time to regularly inspect your hoses. A properly fitted and leak-free hose will not only prevent potential damage to your home but also help save on water bills. It’s a win-win.

A properly-fitted Flexi Hose within a cistern, showing no lumps or kinks.

The Benefits of the Flexi Hose?

Flexible hoses are stainless steel braided fabricated hoses that are used to connect plumbing fittings/fixtures such as taps to the pipework.  Made popular in the building industry 15 – 20 years ago, the Flexi Hose was seen as a user-friendly replacement for standard copper pipe installations.  Quick and simple to install, the hose is easy to manoeuvre and withstands thermal expansion and contraction, mitigating the chances of your Melbourne hot water repair person needing to tamper with the hose itself.

The popularity of Flexi Hoses continues, with most houses and apartments being fitted with multiple Flexi hoses under sinks, toilet cisterns and laundry tubs.

The Problems of the Flexi Hose

Flexi Hoses have a limited lifespan due to the rubber tube within the hose disintegrating over time. This eroding means eventually the hose itself will burst, causing a flood and the need to make that call to your busy Melbourne emergency plumber! Should a hose burst in a typical property, up to 1,500 litres of water can flood your home within a single hour. If it’s hot water, the damage is even more severe, possibly leaving your home unlivable while repairs are carried out. While we hope your insurance covers the costs of damage, even the best hot water repair in Melbourne won’t be able to bring back the sentimental items which may be waterlogged or destroyed.

Staying on top of your Flexi Hose maintenance is crucial, so opt for a replacement every five to seven years.  This can be a DIY job for the more experienced, or for peace of mind, enlist the advice of your trusted Plumber in Melbourne.

An eroded and rusty Flexi Hose which should be replaced as soon as possible.

Preventing Hose Rupture

Complete an audit of your property to locate and check your Flexi hoses. Remember, these hoses can be located anywhere you have a plumbing fixture,  and often located underneath benches or behind toilet cisterns.

  • Complete a visual inspection.If the hose is kinked, rusted or starting to unravel, replace it as soon as possible. Here is an example of a 6 year old hose showing signs of rust.
    6 year old hose showing signs of rust.
  • Flexi Hoses are often in locations that are hard to see. If that is the case, run your finger along the hose and feel for “bulges” or sharp metal fibres.
  • Check that the installation looks right.  As Flexi Hoses seem easy to install, less experienced DIY advocates may kink the hose on installation.  It is also crucial that two hoses are never joined together.
  • And remember, if your Flexi Hose is older than 5 years, it is time to organise a replacement.

We always recommend you use a professional Melbourne plumber to advise you on the best systems for your home, and to install any new or replacement hoses. The fully licensed team at Butler Plumbing knows plumbing and knows Melbourne, so contact us here to ensure you’re getting the right hose and the right fit.