When there’s a downpour, rainwater doesn’t just pool on the ground or flood the streets around Melbourne. It runs through stormwater drainage. Stormwater drains dissipate water from your roofs, gutters and downpipes, which is why you don’t experience flooding on the outside of your property. When one of your stormwater drains is blocked, it isn’t always easy to tell. However, you shouldn’t hesitate to act when you have any suspicions, because it could lead to blockages and flooding. Here are a few handy things to look out for when you think a stormwater drain on your property is blocked.

How Do You Know If It’s Blocked?

When your toilet or kitchen sink is blocked, you can tell immediately from how slowly the water drains away, or if it doesn’t drain away at all. One of the primary ways you can tell if your stormwater drain is blocked is to inspect it immediately after rainfall. If there’s water pooling near where your downpipes enter the drainage, or from a stormwater pit, then chances are pretty good that there’s a blockage somewhere.

*Note. Sometimes in a heavy downpour, drains may take a little longer to remove the water. This is normal in a large downpour.

What You Can Do

What can you do about an obstruction in your stormwater drain? In some instances, you may be able to see what’s causing the blockage, which could have even been caused right then and there by the storm itself. In this instance, it could be leaves, sticks, and other garden debris. A blockage like this is easy enough to remove yourself.

When It’s Time To Call A Professional

You should have your drains maintained every six months so that if a blockage is found, it can be removed before it gets too big. Although some DIY solutions have worked in the past, they don’t always solve the route issue, which is why you should call a plumbing service in Melbourne to do the job instead. They can inspect your stormwater drains using drain camera’s and they can use high-pressure water jetting equipment to remove the blockages once located. Of course, if repairs need to be undertaken, then they’ll be able to facilitate that too.

If you suspect that your stormwater drains are blocked, you should look for the signs. If they are present and you cannot remove the blockage yourself, call a plumber immediately. If the water ends up moving toward your house, you could be dealing with significant flooding and water damage in the future. Call Butler Plumbing today – we’re Melbourne’s stormwater and sewer drain maintenance solution.