With so many different types of heaters and gas heating systems available, you may wonder which one will best suit you. One of the advantages of owning a gas heater is that it is cost-effective and helps minimise your electricity bill. A gas heater is a great option to keep your home warm during the cold Melbourne winter months. It’s really good for warming spaces in an instant.

Here Are Some Advantages of Using a Gas Heater 

  • As one of Australia’s sort after heating option, gas heating costs less, has a low carbon and is a convenient fuel for cooking, heating water and warming up homes during winter. They are able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, proving to be efficient and reliable.
  • Gas heaters warm up your home without adding to your electricity bill. A gas heater has the ability to heat up a room quickly giving off a comfortable central heating system that not only practical for wall heating appliances but also as romantic as a feature fireplace.
  • They come in different models and sizes with child lock options helping to keep your family safe. The size variation accommodates small or large rooms depending on your needs.

Electricity is almost available in every home in Australia. Therefore many people use heaters in their homes. Electric heaters come in a variety of forms. The latest heating systems are technologically advanced offering better controllability with the same quality of heat as using a gas heater.

Here Are Some Advantages of Using an Electrical Heater

  • Electrical heaters are environmentally friendly, even though it is not the most energy-efficient heating system, because it doesn’t rely on you burning anything. It is particularly great for occasional heating limited spaces.
  • For central heating and heat rising from the floor, keeping an electric heaters thermostat low will help conserve energy.
  • You can also add more heat by installing wall heaters to supply central heat. It operates independently and doesn’t require modifications
  • Electrical heat is also less expensive to buy than most other heating systems. Installations costs are low and can lead to large savings. These heaters are highly efficient but some can cost a lot to operate depending on electricity rates

Safety Tips When Using Heaters

It is important to keep safety tips in mind when using any heater. While having many benefits each makes is different. You will need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the manual.

  • Don’t leave your heater on when you not at home or while you’re asleep
  • Keep a safe distance from your heater to prevent burns
  • Pets and children should not be allowed near a heater
  • Don’t place clothing or other objects on or close to your heater
  • Switch your heater off before you move it
  • Make sure a window is slightly cracked to let oxygen in

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