While heaters are mostly trouble-free, they still need periodic servicing and maintenance.

Carbon monoxide – the silent killer

Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning can occur due to faulty or unserviced heaters. As per the Current Media Campaign carried out by Energy Safe Victoria  – It cannot be seen nor can you smell it, but if you have a gas heater in your home or rental property it can cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.  Nine Victorians have died from this silent killer since 2000 Hundreds more have been admitted to hospital with CO Poisoning.

To find out more about CO Poisoning please refer to the Energy Safe Victoria website. www.esv.vic.gov.au

Butler Plumbing is licensed to carry out Gas Installations and servicing.  Using our state of the art technology we check your heater to ensure that no dangerous fumes are escaping into your property. You can be confident that our servicemen are highly trained and experienced to carry out Carbon Monoxide Testing, maintenance & repair of gas heaters in Melbourne.

Properly maintained heaters are more cost-effective and extend the life of the unit. This is good for the environment and for your pocket.

Gas appliances & hot water service are a bit like cars, if you look after them, they run more effectively and you can avoid untimely and costly repairs.  Would you leave your car poorly maintained for an extended period?  No – nor should you leave your gas heater!

Butler Plumbing clean and service a heater to ensure it is tuned for optimal heating and in turn will reduce energy bills.  Preventative maintenance will extend the life of your gas appliance, avoid costly property damage and keeps your family warm and happy.  They can report back to you as a matter of urgency in the event of faults are reported.

To schedule a visit please call our office on 94161726 or email [email protected]