When you’re part of a strata scheme, the division of responsibilities can get confusing. Because some units in the building are privately owned, how can you tell who is responsible for dealing with maintenance and repair work? It can be challenging to divide what’s part of an individual lot, and what is part of the commonly shared building within the scheme. Here’s a simple breakdown of common commercial plumbing issues faced in a strata complex, so you can understand who is responsible for managing the repairs and who pays for it.

Blocked Shower Drains

Although a blocked drain pipe in your shower isn’t a severe issue, it can be frustrating. The more blocked your shower drain becomes, the higher the risk is of water spilling out into the rest of your bathroom. If the plumbing issue is coming from beneath the floor, then it will be the responsibility of the owner’s corporation to repair – even if your shower alone is affected.

Burst Bathroom Water Pipes

A burst water pipe is serious as it can damage the structure and cause mould. If the cold or hot water service pipe burst in an internal wall, then the owner is responsible for calling in a  plumber and paying for the repairs. However, if the pipe impacts units other than your own or if it bursts within a boundary wall, then the owner’s corporation must handle the problem.

Damp Spots And Mould

As soon as mould and damp are found, you need to find the source of the moisture for cold or hot water repairs and then have it removed and repaired – before it can impact your breathing air or damage your walls further. If mould is found on the interior walls of a private unit, the owner is responsible. However, if the damp is caused by a leak or external damage within boundary walls, the owner’s corporation is obliged to repair it.

Being part of a strata scheme can become complicated, which is why you need to know who is responsible for what. The next time you experience a plumbing issue, make sure you contact a Melbourne strata plumber to determine how to proceed. Butler Plumbing can assist with this, so call us today.