The plumbing system inside a commercial building gets frequently used every single day. There’s constant wear and tear during business hours because people are flushing toilets, washing hands, drinking water and running water for cleaning. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t maintain their plumbing systems until it’s too late because commercial buildings are vast, and the plumbing systems within them are complex. Here are a few commercial plumbing tips to keep your system running smoothly.

  1. Don’t Neglect Small Problems

It’s common knowledge that small plumbing problems can quickly become significant, disastrous problems if they’re left alone for long enough. In fact, business owners in Fitzroy and Melbourne have spent thousands of dollars fixing plumbing problems that could have been avoided with a bit of maintenance. Make sure that you pay attention to the plumbing that you can see. Has your water bill increased drastically recently? Look out for leaking taps especially hot water service in Fitzroy, Melbourne and other faults that could cause significant problems down the line.

  1. Keep An Eye Out For Blocked Drains

A blocked drain & sewer in Melbourne at your place of business is not good. It’s caused by materials such as leaves, food, grease and other debris being caught in drains or washed down a sink, which creates a blockage. A blocked drain could cause some messy and foul-smelling overflow. Do you want your employees, partners and clients to be in an office like that? If you suspect that a drain isn’t flowing as well as it should be, call a plumber to look at it sooner rather than later before it becomes a big problem.

  1. Have A Flushing Policy

Unfortunately, it has to be said. The only things that should be flushed are toilet paper and human waste. When you’re managing a commercial property or strata development, flushing policies are critical, due to the number of times a toilet is flushed during the day. If sanitary products, nappies or other items are flushed, it can cause a blocked toilet, which will soon become a major problem. You don’t want your place of business to deal with a nasty backup or worse, an overflow. Remember to conserve water usage, and be responsible with what’s flushed.

  1. Know Where The Shutoff Valves Are

If your commercial building experiences a burst pipe, leaking geyser or overflowing toilet, the first step you need to take is to shut off the water immediately. Therefore, you should make yourself familiar with where all the shutoff valves are located on the property. The sooner the water is shut off, the sooner the problem can be dealt with. And there will be less mess.

Managing a commercial property, strata development or roof plumbing services in Fitzroy and Melbourne is a big job and the last thing you need is a plumbing crisis. If a pipe bursts or a toilet overflows, you have a major problem that will affect everyone in the building, and fixing it will be pricey as well. Use these plumbing maintenance tips to keep your plumbing system working the way it should be.