Plumbing is something we all need at some point in our lives. We rely on it for burst pipes and blocked drains, among other things. Ensuring that the pipes and drainage systems in our homes and commercial properties run smoothly is essential, primarily for running water. Without running water, a lot of our daily routines can get affected. Good, reliable plumbing always ensures that you are able to use your kitchen and bathroom facilities without any hindrances. In this blog, we will provide you with useful tips, tricks, and advice in case of a emergency plumbing in Melbourne – tips all homeowners should know that can save your pocket!

Leaking taps

A common reason for a leaky tap is when the washer is worn out or damaged caused by pressure against the valve seat,  which will need to be replaced. Washers can be purchased from any local hardware store or plumbers suppliers outlet in Melbourne at affordable prices.
Professional tip – Copper washers are far better than plastic.

Points to remember:

  • When working with any type of tap, mixer or faucet, always make sure that the water supply is turned off.
  • Remove the handle and cover of the tap. The screw can be found either on top or the side of the tap
  • Unscrew the valve located at the top of the tap
  • Remove or cover the nut holding the washer
  • Remove the old washer and replace it with the new one, and tighten the nut
  • Reassemble the tap same way and make sure the tap is closed before turning the water back on

Don’t put garbage down drain

It is not wise to throw things down the drain. Don’t throw food and vegetable peels, starchy foods, rice, pasta and grease down the drain. They will cause your pipes to clog. It may not clog immediately but over time it can cause major damage and could end up costing you a fortune to replace or repair.

Also, don’t pour any oil or fats down your drain. They harden the insides of your pipes which also creates clogging. Making sure all your drains have strainers to prevent hairs, soaps, and debris from clogging your drain lines is important. When it comes to plumbing, knowing how to do the basics can save you time and money. Otherwise, it’s best to call in the professionals.

Unclogging a blocked toilet

Having a plunger on hand in your bathroom is a good idea in case of a plumbing emergency in Melbourne, that is until an expert plumber comes in to investigate the issue and fix it. With a blocked toilet, always wait for the water level to go down. Collect and pile up some towels in case of an overflow. Plunge the toilet then flush carefully. Repeated this process if need be and the blockage should clear.  Never flush hair, nappies (diapers), tampons, wipes or sanitary pads down the toilet. These items won’t dissolve and are common reasons for blockages. For all your plumbing needs, Butler Plumbing is merely a click away!

It’s great to know basic plumbing hacks as they can help you attend to minor issues that may arise in your home or office. However, for long-term solutions, hiring an expert team of plumbers goes a long way. At Butler Plumbing, we use high-tech equipment to locate the source of each plumbing problem so that we can fix it at the root (pun intended).

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