All appliances break down after some time, and this includes your home’s water heater. It’s an appliance that’s essential as, without it, you’d have no hot water for showers, laundry or cooking. Whether you had a water heater installed or you use one that came with your home, you should pay attention to its lifespan. Here are some of the most common signs that your current one is nearing its end and that you need a new one installed.

  1.     It Creates Muddy Or Rust Coloured Water

When you open your hot water service tap, does the water run clear or does it look muddy? There isn’t actual mud within your water supply, so what you’re seeing is signs that the inside of the heater is corroding. It’s caused by rust sediment gathering in the tank and then spreading along its seams, drain valve, water supply lines and temperature and pressure relief valve.

  1.     Unfamiliar Noises During Use

If you’ve always had a water heater installed, you should be familiar with the noises they make, especially as the water heats. Look out for sounds which aren’t typical, such as rumblings, pops and loud cracks, in such case, you should call the heater service Fitzroy, Melbourne. Most noise issues come from sediment which has built up inside the tank. The residue is reheated continuously, causing it to harden. When the hardened sediment comes into contact with the element, the sediment burns away. The sediment deposits are caused by corrosion and rust, so if you hear loud noises from your water heater service, you should consider replacing it. 

  1.     Leakage

If there is standing water surrounding your water heater, it means that it’s sprung a leak. A leaking water heater means that there’s an internal failure, which could lead to flooding and further water damage to your home. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy fix for a leaking water heater, so you should prepare for a new water heater installation if you suspect a leak. If a gas leakage is detected, then call a gas plumber Melbourne.

The average water heater lasts ten years. If your water heater is older, it’s recommended that you request a new water heater installation. The last thing you need is to be without hot water when you need it most because your heater has failed. Keep a lookout for these signs, so that you’re prepared when the time comes, and then call Butler Plumbing for assistance.

Credits: Water Heater Service Fitzroy, Melbourne

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