Have you ever had a plumber perform a CCTV drain survey in your home? Usually performed in special circumstances, a camera is inserted into your drains, to capture footage displayed on the monitor so that you can see the cause of the problem.

However, other than when you have a blocked toilet or drain, what other circumstances might require this service? Here are three times you might need one that you haven’t thought of.

1) When You’re Moving House 

When you buy a new home, it’s important to ensure that the drainage is maintained regularly and functions as it should. If there’s a blockage or a cracked drainpipe, you might not be aware of it until you’ve been in the house for a few months. Before you move into your home, get a CCTV drain survey so that you’re aware of the condition of your drains, and so that you can fix a potential problem before it becomes a major one. It’s also important to get these surveys done before you make the purchase because you don’t want to pay for the previous owners’ negligence.

2) When There’s A Persistent Blockage 

When you have a blocked drain, it doesn’t always mean that your property will flood with water, debris, or sewage. It might first present as a bad smell or a gurgling noise. When a blockage keeps recurring, it normally means that there are tree roots in the drain that are growing back.

When there are tree roots in a drain, the only way to keep on top of the problem are:

  1. Scheduled drain maintenance – where we’ll attend your property every 3-4 months to clear the blockages that may be recurring.
  2. Excavation and replacement of the affected section(s) of the drain.
  3. Cured in place pipe repair, or pipe relining – a method that repairs the drain internally using resin.

3) When You’re Doing Maintenance 

All plumbing and drainage professionals will recommend maintenance and CCTV surveys during maintenance. With the CCTV footage, you can pinpoint any damage that might occur, or spot a tree root growing through the pipes. Remember, regular maintenance is more affordable than waiting for disaster to strike.

If you think you have a blocked drain cleaning required or toilet in your home, you should call a certified and experienced Melbourne plumber to inspect the problem. Clean, unclogged drains are healthy for your home, so you don’t want to skimp on the maintenance. Call Butler Plumbing for a quote on our blocked drain and toilet services, today.