Managing a strata building is uniquely challenging, as you’re dealing with a building that combines private and shared ownership. It’s why whenever you have a plumbing issue, you can’t call just anyone. A strata plumber isn’t the same as a standard one who works on commercial and residential properties. For strata developments, you need a specialised service provider for all your plumbing woes. Here’s a handy guide of what to look for in a strata plumber, to make sure they can assist you in managing your Fitzroy development.

  1. They Must Have Experience

As strata plumbing isn’t the same as standard plumbing, it’s best to look at how much experience they have working in strata developments. A plumber with only residential or commercial experience won’t know their way around strata plumbing and will leave you severely disappointed with their services.

  1. They Must Have Availability

When you manage a building, you understand that to be successful you should have satisfied tenants. This means that when there’s a plumbing problem, it should be resolved immediately. Your strata plumber should be available 24/7 in case of an emergency.

  1. Their Pricing Should Be Transparent

When managing development, maintenance should be a priority. You need to be able to budget for scheduled repairs and improvements. For this reason, your strata plumber’s quotes should be transparent and straightforward – with no loopholes or hidden fees.

  1. They Should Be Flexible

When you call a strata plumber, hot water plumber Melbourne in, they should be flexible enough to work with anyone involved – from owners to management, to tenants. A tenant would know better than management how their plumbing issue is affecting their lives. A strata plumber should be happy to communicate with everyone involved – not only those in ownership.

  1. They Should Offer Multiple Services

A professional strata plumber needs to handle every part of a building’s plumbing needs. They should be able to unblock a blocked stormwater drains, leak repair, roof repairs, fix burst pipes and water heater service. They should also be able to work on pipelines, roof plumbing and gas leaks. That way, you only need to call one source when you need help.

If you’re in the property development industry or own or manage a strata development, you want the right people working with you. A building will always have plumbing issues, so make sure that you hire Butler Plumbing for expert strata plumbing services in Fitzroy.