The drains in your Melbourne home can be seen as similar to the veins and arteries in your body. Both are essential for keeping things running smoothly. They allow for waste products being produced to be taken away for disposal, and for fresh fluids to be brought in instead.

Just like in your body, if a drain or artery gets blocked, a host of issues will follow, leading to complex damage that will be expensive and time consuming to repair. Here’s why you need to maintain the clean drainage systems in your home.

Facts About Drain & Sewer Cleaning

When you have a blocked drain cleaning in Melbourne at your home or your place of work, a multitude of problems will follow. You could experience an overflow of your toilets, showers, sinks and drains, that could flood your home. The debris that blocks drains could come from almost anywhere – from items incorrectly flushed down the toilet, leaves and dirt from outside, and even leftover food flushed down the kitchen sink drain.

Doing It Yourself

If you find a blocked drain in your home, it’s possible to unclog it yourself. You can try using a plunger as the first solution. Every home should have a plunger because it can be a quick and easy shortcut to an unblocked drain. They’re also affordable and easy to use and store. Using a plunger is helpful for very small blockages that haven’t become a big problem yet like blocked stormwater drains Melbourne. Sometimes, a blockage just needs to be dislodged so that it can flow freely through the drainage system, which a plunger will help with.

Your next solution is to buy a drain cleaning agent. There are many drain cleaners available on the market; however, some can be hazardous and should be used sparingly. Many contain substances such as caustic potash and lye, which causes a reaction that dissolves drain blockages. They range in price; however, it should be noted that the more effective drain cleaners are more expensive because they’re also more dangerous to use. The cheaper products that you can buy are convenient. However, they may not fix the root of the problem, which will waste your money and sometimes lead to more significant issues in the future. Always remember to read the label’s instructions on how to safely use these drain cleaners, and at which quantities. It’s also recommended that you use proper safety equipment, such as masks and gloves, in case there’s splashback or a toxic vapour emitted.

Why You Should Call A Professional

Professional drainage plumbers in Melbourne deal with the issues like blocked drains & sewer every day. They also handle blocked toilets, sewers and stormwater drains. If you have a blocked drain in your home or place of business and have never used a drain cleaner before, it’s recommended that you call a local plumber to do the job for you. They’ll know the proper protocol and will be able to investigate the blockage to see what has caused it. Because blockages are caused by different things, a plumber is your best option as they’ll know how to remove whatever has caused the problem. They’ll also do the job well and fix the issue so that the blockage won’t occur again.

It’s vital to know that the blockage might not be of your own making. That means that sometimes, a blockage isn’t caused by food particles washed down the sink, or leaves and other debris from the garden. Many blockages are caused by tree roots. Tree roots can grow into the drainage system that runs underneath and around your home. They can crack the pipes and even start growing along the pipeline, clogging it completely. If that’s the case in your home, buying drain cleaner – even an expensive one – won’t solve the problem. Therefore, call a plumber to inspect your drains, just to be safe. They’ll know how to handle the blockage effectively, regardless of how it was caused.

What Happens If You Have A Blocked Drain

What does it look like when you have a blocked drain? Even though you can’t see the drainage system because most of it runs underground, it’s easy to tell if you have a blockage. When you run a tap, the water will drain away very slowly. It might even pool in the sink and take hours to disappear.

If the blockage is left alone, it could result in some awful consequences for those who live in your house. If the clogged material is retaining a surplus of wastewater, you’ll be left with a foul smell that will infiltrate the entire building and the surrounding areas.

If the blockage is categorically bad, you could even experience overflow. Overflow is when water that should be running through the drainage system has nowhere else to go but up. Therefore, water starts overflowing out of the drain. Sometimes, parts of the clogged materials come with it, and this can be very unpleasant – especially a blocked sewer in Melbourne & Suburbs. When you come across a blocked stormwater or sewer drain, you’ll also see that other drains around your property will start showing signs of being blocked. When that happens, it’s a sign that the blockage is centrally located in the drainage system, and that it’s become clogged entirely.

What You Don’t Know About Drain Cleaning

Do you know how drainage plumbers in Melbourne find the source of the blockage in a drainage system? How do they know what the blockage is, and where it’s located? When you call a plumber to look at a blocked drain, you don’t see them digging up your property as they follow drain lines. Plumbers use CCTV drain cameras, which are pushed down the pipes as they capture footage. The footage can be viewed on high-definition monitors, providing the safest way to inspect a drainage system. You can even request for the footage to be put onto a flash drive so that you can see the blockage yourself, perhaps to help you and the people in your home or business understand why clean drains are so important for your building.

You wouldn’t compromise your health if you knew that you had a problem with your blood flow, so why compromise on the health of your home by ignoring a blocked drain? Make sure that you inspect your drains regularly. You’ll catch a blockage early and be able to sort it out immediately. Call Butler Plumbing in Melbourne, for all your blocked drains, toilets, stormwater drains and sewers, today.

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