When you need your gutter or roof repaired, you don’t usually think to get a plumber to assist you. However, in some parts of Australia, you need a plumbing license to perform any kind of drainage or plumbing services – and roof plumbing is included. Here’s what roof plumbers in Melbourne do, and when you’ll need their services.

What Is Roof Plumbing?

Roof plumbing is also commonly known as stormwater plumbing. It involves working with any kind of drainage system used to dispose of and drain water that collects on a roof. The only way water can collect on a roofing system is from rainfall, which is why roof plumbers are also called stormwater plumbers. Therefore, anything related to downpipes, gutters, and drainage on a roof requires services from a roof plumber.

When Would You Need A Roof Plumber?

When you’re building a new home, a roofing contractor won’t be the only roofing professional that you’ll need. A roof plumber is needed for the following during construction:

  • The design and installation of the drainage system
  • Measurement, construction, and installation of downpipes, gutters and water disposal systems
  • Roof flashing, wall cladding, gutters, stop ends and cappings construction
  • Sun roof installation

Roof Plumbing Repair Services

In addition to the design, construction, and installation of water drainage systems on your roof, you’ll also need roof plumbers to maintain and repair these systems when they get damaged. Whether you have a leak or a rainwater tank that needs maintenance, a roof plumber is your solution for the following problems:

  • Roof flashing repairs – to keep roof penetrations such as chimneys and skylights watertight.
  • Rainwater tank – for installation and maintenance of rainwater tanks that reduce water waste.
  • Leaking roofs – for when your gutters are blocked, or your stormwater drainage system isn’t draining correctly.
  • Gutter and downpipes – for maintenance and installation, and repairs, for when you have mould, leaks and water erosion on the foundations.

You might enjoy the odd DIY project here and there, and even though you can find droves of repair and maintenance videos online, repairing the drainage system yourself isn’t recommended. There’s the risk of doing a poor job, making the damage worse, or missing minor disrepair that will soon become a major problem. Call Butler Plumbing; we perform trustworthy and high-quality roof plumbing services right across Melbourne.